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Vaccines Required
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Vaccines Required

FVRCP (Feline Combination)
Within 3 years, according to your Veterinarians recommendation for Boarding.

Within 3 years; according to your Veterinarians recommendation for boarding

Health Certificate stating Cat is Free of Communicable Disease
Annually and within 35 days of Boarding for new clients.

All cats in our care must be examined by your Canadian Veterinary Association certified veterinarian.

Be sure to check your cat's vaccination records before bringing him/her to us for boarding.

It is very important that you inform your veterinarian that your cat requires the vaccines for boarding.

Vaccines should be given a minimum of 21 days before boarding.

In addition, we ask that all cats are free of fleas at time of check-in and suggest the use of a flea control product suggested by your veterinarian. Any cats with fleas will be treated and the owner will be charged.

Be sure to provide your veterinarian's name and telephone number so that we may confirm the vaccinations are up to date. Without proof of current vaccinations, we cannot accept your cat for boarding. This policy is for the protection of the cats in our care.

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