Boarding Your Cat

Worry free holidays for you and your cat.

Cats' Pajamas Cattery is located in a charming country setting on beautiful Bowen Island. The Cattery is a fully heated cat boarding facility containing 20 individual units, each with an adjoining outdoor enclosure. Each cat kennel unit has a cat door between the two areas so your cat may be in or out as he or she pleases.

Sanitation of all units is carried out on a regular basis to ensure proper health and cleanliness of your cat. Vinyl floors in the interior area are easily cleaned and disinfected. All units are equipped with a litter tray, which is placed in the outdoor enclosure and cleaned daily.

With the exception of cats from the same family, all of our guests are housed individually to eliminate any risk of your cat being hurt by another cat in our care. Most units are raised off the floor for extra warmth and comfort, and all units have their own window, which allows for sunning and viewing from indoors.

There are 4 single level kennels, which are enjoyed by our elderly or movement challenged guests. 2 are floor level and are appreciated by our shy visitors who prefer a good hidey hole area to peek out from.

The outdoor area of each cat boarding unit has two small platforms for your cat to perch or curl up on. Deer browse, and several species of birds nest in the trees and natural foliage that surround the Cattery. This peaceful country setting creates a wonderful theatre for your cat to view. Your little buddy will be entertained and have lots to look at while staying with us.

Be assured your cat will be safe and secure as the cattery is double fenced for added protection.

At least once a day, your cat will be allowed to wander freely in the common inside or outside areas while his or her unit is cleaned and the litter box is being scooped. After your cat has had time to stretch, sniff and visit with the other guests through the fence, he or she is returned to the tidied unit for a little individual attention. For those cats that enjoy personal contact, he or she will be lightly groomed or petted. If your cat requires de-matting, it will be done by a professional groomer and you will be responsible for the costs.

Would you like to visit the cattery prior to leaving your cat with us? Please email Dawn at the Cattery to arrange an appointment.

Please note: The cattery is very small and does not include a public washroom.

Long Term Stays

Cats' Pajamas Cattery specializes in long-term cat boarding and offers reduced monthly rates. Our heated cat kennel facility is very cozy. Your cat has a choice of being indoors, or outside in his or her own covered area. We encourage local wildlife (deer and birds) to stop by regularly, and our feline guests are fascinated by their daily visits. If your cat is on the opposite side of the Cattery, he or she can keep an eye on our horses and pony. Daily visits from our local ravens, squirrels and deer provide hours of entertainment for kitties vacationing at Cats Pajamas.

Long term cats can spend time in the enclosed little alley we use to access the outdoor enclosures. It's a good chance for them to visit through the gate with the other cats on their side and stretch their legs.

Most of our long-term cats change sides once a week for a little variety. We endeavour to keep the surroundings of the cattery interesting for our guests viewing pleasure!

Care & Feeding

We prefer that you provide your cat's usual food from home so that there is no change in his or her regular diet. Otherwise, the cattery stocks a small amount of high quality cat foods, and Friskies and Fancy Feast canned food.

Please advise us if your cat has any allergies.

If your cat requires medication, we are able to accommodate his or her special needs. To aid us in addressing these needs, please include a short note explaining his/her health problem and its symptoms. Your note will be attached to your cat's care sheet. However, we are unable to care for diabetic cats requiring insulin.

To maintain your cat's good health, all cats staying with us are brushed regularly. We encourage you to send along your cat's special brush and comb (be sure to label them), as cats prefer ones with their own scent on them.

If your cat requires medical care while staying at the Cats' Pajamas, the normal course of action would be to contact you or your emergency contact and call your veterinarian to discuss the problem, and then act according to your veterinarian's suggestion. If your cat must go in to the vet, in addition to the veterinarian clinic charges, there is a $75 charge to pay for the ferry and driver, with the costs being charged to your credit card. (See contract.)

What to Send

Cat in kennel

To make your cat feel more comfortable, you may want to send along any of the following Labeled items:

  • A washable blanket or bed (a carrier with a beach towel can be very versatile). No baskets, please.
  • Toys which are safe to play with while your cat is unattended.
  • Brush and/or comb.
  • Special treats that your cat enjoys at home.

No dishes or water bowls please.
No fabric or cardboard carriers please. We only transport cats in a secure hard plastic or wooden carrier.
Please label your belongings. Every effort is made to return all items home, but Cats' Pajamas Cattery cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.